How It Works

We re-design the parcel journey from
the retailers warehouse to your door

A delivery network purpose-built for e-commerce.

The future of home 

delivery is here

Partnering with Relay empowers businesses with speed and efficiency, as well as technology to wow your customers with, from real-time order management and tracking to personalised analytics dashboards. 

Relays Last Mile

Incumbents Last Mile

How it works

Full-stack, first to last mile parcel delivery, redesigned for modern e-commerce

We collect from retailers warehouse
and deliver to their customers

The traditional middle mile is gone

We've rethought parcel delivery to match the needs of the modern ecommerce era. Gone is the old Hub and Spoke network, which created bottlenecks and delays and wasn't built for flexible delivery.

Relay's middle mile is a flexible network, which is scalable and purpose built for ecommerce to move packages efficiently around the whole country.

The last mile revolution

Once we have used our tech to distribute parcels in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible, our delivery journey moves into the last mile with its hyperlocal network which enables speed and sustainability.

Delivery Built for E-Commerce

A partnership that is purpose built for your business model, enabling faster integration, and a deeper understanding of your needs — from efficiency, to speed, to sustainability. Partner with Relay now.