A delivery partner that is purpose
built for your e-commerce needs

We empower retailers to provide a best-in-class delivery experience. Partnering with Relay results in reduced costs,
a focus on sustainability and a customer centric experience. We provide you with our delivery expertise, so that you can focus on what you do best. 

Relay's e-commerce-focused
delivery network is enabling retailers
to leapfrog Amazon through:


With a reduction in infrastructure and fleet costs, we are the UK’s most competitive next day delivery provider.


Our capacity adapts to your demand, providing  you with a reliable partner all year round, even during expected and unexpected peaks.


Delivery available 5 days a week and fully trackable thanks to our in-flight communications, live tracking and data-first approach.


Less CO2 emissions by prioritising greener vehicle types and reducing the overall miles travelled per parcel, supporting you and your sustainability targets.

Retailers trust Relay to deliver

Our partners enjoy guaranteed Next Day delivery, with the most competitive prices in the UK whilst delivering up to 50% reductions in CO2 emissions.

 “Thanks to Relay's innovative delivery network we are able to give our end customers a service upgrade from standard to next day in all the areas that Relay operates in!”

— Logistics Director, THG


Technology powers a seamless
and intuitive experience

We’re Built for the E-Commerce Era

Born from the need to improve Delivery as a Service that can keep up with the needs of the e-commerce era, Relay’s platform is both scalable and efficient.

API-First Technology Platform

Which means we embed seamlessly into your tech and operations, driving everything forward with a data-driven approach.

Customer-Centric Logistics

With our real-time tracking, SMS notifications and performance dashboards, we ensure that your end-customers’ experience is state-of-the-art from start to finish. You control the parcel, the parcel doesn’t control you.

See what Relay 

can do for you

Get in touch to learn how Relay can increase your delivery 
efficiency and drive savings for your business.

Unrivalled on-time delivery

Our proprietary algorithm optimises routes to guarantee on-time delivery rates for next day orders, while still being a cost-effective solution.

Save money. Grow your business

Get in touch to learn how Relay can increase your delivery efficiency and drive savings for your business.

Technology-first delivery platform with a focus on efficiency and sustainability

We enable lower shipping costs by optimising the delivery journey through an end-to-end API-first technology platform with a data-driven approach. By working together we can support your business objectives through our smarter approach to the whole delivery journey.