Extra income for your business, making use of your existing spare capacity

Join our growing network of local stores to enable greener deliveries

What is a pitstop?

A pitstop is where our parcels go for a quick rest locally, near the spot for final delivery, before being taken by our couriers and delivered to customers in the community.

Our pitstops are often shops or other businesses with spare capacity who want to make some extra cash.

How does it work?

We drop off sacks everday that then get collected by our local couriers to deliver in the area. We aim to collect all sacks in the morning so we can clear your space quickly - our sacks only stay a few hours in store. All you need to do is check in and check out on the Relay pitstop app, that's it, quick & easy!


To become a Relay pitstop, simply submit your application below! If your business seems like a good fit for us our team will be in contact with you to get the process started so you can start in just a few days!

Our team will give a clear introduction on the day-to-day operations and get you set up on our simple app for pitstops!

To qualify to be a Relay pitstop, your location will need to have:
1. Opening hours, ideally between 6am-11pm, and for a minimum of 6 days a week (Mon-Sat)
2. A secure space, visible to staff to store sacks of parcels
3. Parking access, a loading bay or an eligible place to park within 50m
4. CCTV to ensure security and safety

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get paid?

We pay for every check in and out of items going through your store. We pay you at the start of every month for all the transactions from the previous month.

What hardware is required?

To become a Relay pitstop, no hardware is required. All you will need is the Relay pitstop app.

When will couriers come to my store?

Couriers will come early morning to drop off items. We aim to collect everything from your store in the morning to clear the space fast.

I have some questions, how can I get in touch?

The fastest way to reach us is to email [email protected]. We will get back to you very quickly!