Head of Courier Growth

Head of Courier Growth

In the future, almost everything we consume will simply materialise on our doorsteps – what we call “e-commerce” today
will simply be “commerce” tomorrow. But if we continue on today’s trajectory, the growth of e-commerce risks damaging the
environment, alienating our communities, and straining the bottom-line for small businesses.

Relay is an e-commerce-native logistics network. We are built from the ground up for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
By building from the ground up we are able to entirely rethink both the middle and last mile enabling us to reduce the number of miles
driven to deliver each parcel, lower carbon emissions, and lower costs, all while channelling funds to community members.

At the same time, we’re fixing the last broken aspect of e-commerce for consumers: delivery. As shoppers, we should have complete
control over when and how we receive our purchases, and we should be able to return unwanted items as easily as we ordered them.
That’s why whenever you buy from a merchant powered by Relay, you’ll be able to reschedule your delivery at any time. And if you don’t
like what you ordered, at the tap of a button we’ll send someone to pick it up.

To orchestrate this complex ballet, Relay relies on a wide range of technologies, from advanced routing and planning to sophisticated
user experiences that guide our team members on the ground. We are looking for a Head of Customer Service Operations who will be
responsible for overseeing Courier, Client, and End Customer queries, and ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of service.
As a Customer Service Operations Lead, you will be accountable for key metrics such as customer satisfaction, response time, resolution rate, and team productivity. You will be responsible for building and leading a team of customer service agents, setting up processes and protocols, and implementing best practices for delivering exceptional customer service.


  • Design, drive and oversee all courier growth processes, from acquisition and onboarding to activation as well as retention ensuring streamlined and efficient operations

  • Strategically plan and execute to ensure that we have the right supply and composition of couriers needed to efficiently match our client demand based on our cost per parcel targets.

  • Translate complex and varied inputs into actionable initiatives that drive courier acquisition growth and retention.

  • Work cohesively with internal stakeholders to develop the overarching strategy for courier growth, ensuring it aligns with business forecasts and supply targets.

  • Utilise quantitative and qualitative data to inform strategies, decision-making processes, and improvements in courier growth processes. E.g. analyse conversion rates across the funnel, perform A/B testing, optimise  communication, conduct focus groups, and test different strategies to enhance courier acquisition and retention.

  • Team lead responsibility for Operations Managers and Courier Growth Marketeer

You might be a great fit for this role if…

  • There is truly no job in Courier Growth you would not be excited to take on. From launching new cities in no time to meet our rapid growth objectives to putting yourself in the courier's shoes by completing last mile routes to understand your impact on the end to end operations, you want to do it all. We don’t expect you to have done all of these jobs before, but we do hope you’ll be curious to learn how to do them.

  • You have high agency and take pride of ownership in your work. You naturally take initiative, seeking out the best opportunities for impact.

  • You have deep empathy for the humans for whom you work with, including, couriers, customers, partners, and your fellow colleagues. You seek out the chance to hear directly from them and go out of your way to incorporate their feedback into your work.

  • You are eager to rapidly implement change, see results and iterate quickly within new problem domains.

  • You value and practise clear communication, active listening, and intentional collaboration.


  • Have 5+ years of operations experience with a good understanding of marketing, sales & customer experience as well as previous team leadership experience

  • Have strong analytical and problem solving skills to get actionable insights out of data

  • Thrive in fast-paced settings and are always on the lookout to make an impactful difference

  • Ideally you bring experience from having worked in a fast growing delivery company managing a fleet of riders

  • Proficient ability to transform raw data into actionable strategies that assist in informed decision-making at senior levels

  • General growth mindset (e.g. interest in working on A/B testing, CRM, messaging)

  • An analytical mindset combined with robust business acumen

  • Exceptional command over both written and spoken communication

  • An innate urge to excel in dynamic environments and drive significant business growth

  • A natural leader able to continually motivate and drive a team of highly engaged individuals

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