E-Commerce Accelerated

Relay is a tech-enabled delivery network, empowering businesses to grow and elevate their e-commerce operations. 
Our technology first delivery model is built for efficiency, scalability, and convenience.

Delivery Built for the E-Commerce Era

We’ve redesigned the delivery journey - from your warehouse to the consumer’s doorstep. With fewer touchpoints and a reduction in infrastructure costs, Relay empowers Retailers who need a fast and efficient delivery experience to wow their customers and exceed their ever-growing expectations.

Leading technology to optimise and grow your delivery capabilities

With an API-first technology platform, purpose built for e-commerce, Relay’s platform is built to deliver optimal efficiency leveraging a data-driven approach. Thanks to the Relay solution, Retailers will be able to monitor parcel journeys from start to finish through live-tracking and routing optimisation features, as well as our interactive performance dashboards.

Retailers trust Relay 
to deliver

Discover what industry leaders partnering with Relay are saying about us and how they leverage our best-in-class delivery network to deliver results. With Next Day delivery expertise, competitive pricing and a sustainability focussed core, find out how we can help you grow your business whilst delighting your customers.

“Relay is a no-brainer for businesses looking to provide a superior online delivery experience for their customers. We, and our customers, have been absolutely delighted with their service.”

— Founder & Director, Sirplus


 “Thanks to Relay's innovative delivery network we are able to give our end customers a service upgrade from standard to next day in all the areas that Relay operates in!”

— Logistic Director, THG


Supercharge your deliveries with Relay.

Focus on doing what you do best, and leave the delivery to us. Contact us to learn more or to get a custom quote for your business.